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EFICAZ – a young organization in the global skill development and vocational training landscape is focused on providing customized solutions for the major corporate. Founded with the objective to enable sustainable transformation through interactive learning and skill development, it provides end-to-end training solutions that help improve business productivity and enhances youth employability making EFICAZ the partner of choice for any firm/business looking at enhancing their skilled man force.

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It was quite challenging to produce content that was engaging yet understandable by every layman. The services offered by the client were outstanding. They had worked with top-notch companies but were having a zero presence online. They wanted to increase sales and promote their services online. We needed to ensure that every service they provide must reach their targeted audience and we had to start writing effective content for them. The team was very particular about the content and we knew that every single line that goes online has to be carefully considered and curated. Our objective was to showcase the client’s objective with our expertise in the field.

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We positioned EFICAZ as the expert in the field of Training and Consultancy. We helped them with website development and content marketing. We worked with them from scratch; right from creating the Presentations to stunning website. Our content was to become the source of all queries to the potential customers leading to repeated website visits to read up more and more on the various topics. The way to increase the awareness was to incorporate social media amplification and we did that in a big way. We focused not on the service offered by the client but rather by focusing on the need of the audience which was an answer to their queries. We also helped them with company brochures, designing attractive business proposals along with handling their social media channels, which helped us to measure the engagement of the target audience through various platforms. This allowed the monitoring, tweaking and amending of content and campaigns and provided the ability to see what worked and what didn’t.

We worked extensively on not only creating the content for the website but amplifying it as well. In a period of 4 months we helped them create a strong base and thanks to them, for giving us more referrals.